Introducing; Petty Officer Aldo Crum

Greetings fellow gamers,

What another ItEn update already? Yes indeed, and I’m proud of it.  Not that I’m up to my old speed again, but we’re working on it.  Not that the kids are less active or don’t get to “enjoy” my company or attention, but little by little there is getting some routine in to it all.  So little by little I re-conker a bit of my old hobby time :o)  But enough with the nagging; on to the fun stuff of games and models …

The model:  Petty Officer Crum is made out of; you’ll never geuss, … an old goblin spearmen.  Much like the other halflings and Ratlings I’ve done in the past few years (Ripperhalfling witch hunterHalfling thughhalfling tutorial)
The other bits include a empire knight helmet, free company dagger arm, IG flamer, chaos and loyal bolter, ork pouches, IG pouches, plastic card and plastic rod. The armour is made with Greenstuff and plastic card; the helmet a cleaned up empire knight with plastic rod attached.  The only real down side to the modelling are the sleeves which are not identical (lost sight of those and only noticed while painting) and the gun arm which is slightly out of position/form (I camouflaged that with the ork pouches :o)

The painting: As usual I started out white, and based my colour choices on Ripper and Borson ‘cus this model is supposed to be in the same retinue.  I did get rid of the red after trying and some good advice from koen (for once I listened ;o)

The Game: For gameplay this model uses the stormtrooper stats. With a self made skill as infiltrate (deploy last out of sight; out of 6” of enemy models) to play test in our local games (but more on that later I hope :o)

The Inquisitors thoughts: Petty Officer Aldo Crum is part of Rippers Squad and deserved my respect during his daring entry while rescuing Nicolas Scribler from the drug smuggling Tzeench cult on Rolanthyr’s 2nd moon


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