Introducing; Snipper Borson

Greetings fellow gamers,
As you all know Koen and myself found an excuse to buy more models in the form of Inquisitor. Actually I’m using a lot of old stuff that I have laying around, things that where meant for this or that project but never really got out of the box.

The model: Going trough the bitsbox I found Maulgrun Boldridge from privateer press. I already did some converting on him so I could include him in a Necromunda game as part of my Demiurge warband.

The painting: I went for a urban cammo scheme; resembling that of ripper but just that tad different. So snotgreen darkened with some black highlighted with snotgreen and white; and foundation red highlighted with blood red and a bit of white. No bone weapons this time as it was sort of an officers only thing in my mind. The face was done using the foundation flesh tone and highlighted with flesh and (again) white. I use a lot of skull white these day’s and I like the effect of it, it brings a lot of light in and brightens it all up; very 80’s in a millennium style ;o) Oh another thing I used in this model for the first time is the Devlan Mud Ink; pretty solid stuff, if you just started out painting this is a good buy for your painting set.

The Inquisitors thoughts: Gunter Borson is part of Rippers crew, we are sure he is not human in nature, but apparently his race has become all but extinct. Ripper met up with him on Golgottha Prime where he was working the docks. Apparently his kind holds a lot of knowledge and are able to manipulate machines without using the formal rituals. When asked of his origins he merely reply’s he is part of the squat.

The game: I want him to be able to control all vehicles and weapons and make him a sniper with stun and venom abilities in his needle sniper rifle. Giving me the conflict of either sending him forward with the rest of the squat but with no armour to protect him to use his tech ability or hold him behind to stun or kill enemy’s from the deployment zone.



my post on Dakka with some more pix

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