Introducing; Ripper

Greetings one and all,

Koen and I started with a few conversions for inquisitor, using the normal scale, and rules from where we can find them ;o). I’ll be introducing my gang bit by bit. First up Ripper

The model: Empire state trooper head; Bretonian men at arms body; imperial guard arms; space marine grenade and pocket; very old goblin spearmen legs. I used some putty to fatten the belly and re-detail the shoulder cape. In retrospective I should have added some sideburns or something.

The painting: I went for a urban cammo scheme; not that I know anything about those things. It was Pascal one of our goblins (and WWII fan) that gave me some pointers. Overall I found the model was getting very dark so I added white for the wargear and red as colour.

The Inquisitors thoughts: When I first met Ripper he was just one of the petty criminals working the underhive of Rotesca IV. He and his gang where famous for stealing just about anything, and if it didn’t fit in there pocket they could always blow it up. It took a while for them to get used to discipline and orders, and I’m still not sure they completely understand the nature of it all. Ripper lives by his own rules, sometimes it seems I just give them the justification.

The game: no rules yet, if I can give him some infiltrate kinda of thingy’s that would be nice.


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