Halflings for dinner

And here we are again;
2 posts in 1 day; must be my personal record.
A friend of mine (hi steven) asked me to make him some Halflings for a new super secret project for our club.
How to make halflings in 1 dinner


1 courgette
2 red paprika’s
1l un spoiled water
1 Spice cube
1 goblin
1 halberd arm (bretonia)
1 head of choise
A pinch brown stuff.

First slice all your vegetables in small pieces and put on a light stove and brace with some butter.

Meanwhile you take the goblin and chop of the spear arm and head

Take a look at the vegetables; these should be braced lightly; add the water and leave to cook

Trim the neck and arm of your choise
Glue them on the goblin with super glue.

Take a look at the soup if the water is boiling add the spice cube.

Meanwhile the glue should have dried, and you are ready to add the brown stuff.

First off the belly, some puffy sleeves and last but not least the cheeks

Now your soup should be ready; pour your self a cup and enjoy for a moment.

Take a small walk trough the garden and enjoy the sound of the birds singing, the gentle touch of the wind through your hair. Take your last sip from the soup and go back in.

Your brown stuff should have cured for a bit by now. Time to do the finishing touches.

Adding the jacket, hair; and all other sorts of details

By now it should be time to start cooking diner. Put the Halfling on the shelve and start by picking your meat and vegetables


  1. As long as they dont end up on Morr's plate, sounds like a superb recipe.
    Thnx a load.
    Hope you're not gonna ask me
    "en wat hebben wij nu geleerd?"
    SOS Griffit...

  2. Hi!!
    I've seen your topic in www.warhammer-empire.com and I got really impressed with your conversions.

    This tutorial is marvellous and I'll try to make some halflings next weekend, but I was wondering if you could make another tutorial of how make 7th edition troops looks like 6th edition. It would be really usefull(at least for me xD).

    PD: sorry if I don't write vere well but I'm Spanish and usually i don't write in english.



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