The men meet a lot of halflings these day’s

When I first started this project our warboss (Koen) suggested we (the Golden Goblins) all collect the same army; Empire. Now more then one year later I am the loner still painting and converting my Empire models.

One of the guy’s that joined wanted to make an entire moot army. Steven got 8 models painted up. So my objective for the following few months is getting more mootlanders and ratlings done and painted up then he has.  Maybe this will get him started again ;o)

So you can expect some more of these guy’s passing thru.

Raimy suggested I tell you about the dream tea’s in Ostermark.
Purple mist is a tea to keep the bad spirits out of your imagination. It is made by boiling a amethyst stone and a handful of lavender, usually spiced up with some Bolvic honey and some kreedbeens.

The men of the ostermark [Empire]

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