new layout

 Greetz one and all,

and welcome to the new and improved Blog ;o)
Altough I'm not sure it's such a big improvement; it surtainley is a change.
I think there are some things missing with the Dinamic vieuw of blogger.
Such as the top banners, and all the nifty little add on's like slide show's and blog rolls.

So why the change?  Beceause I can ...  And it gives me an opportunity to clean things up a little and make this blog a tool again.  Last night I was having dinner with the miss, and she said sometimes it seems as this blog thing is an obligation more than a fun thing.  As I was explaining to her that it was neither and both, it downed on me that I did indeed install a lot of things that where of no use; or had in fact outlived there usefullness.

Any how; I'll be haninging on to this lay-out for a while, see what it brings.  In the meantime I'll welcome all your thoughts and suggestions, and start working with some other nifty items such as "the model cout"



  1. Nice one,I did the same a few weeks ago...
    We have to keep up ;-)

    1. No probs with your blog header on chrome and IE (both latest versions)



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