Blood angel update


I did some more work on my Blood Angels for the IC HPC
I'll add a group shot next time :)

4 done

3 to go

And the start of my dc dread :)
I used an old chaos dread and some left overs form the war of Iron.  Appentley I'm reaching the 10 dread treachold :)

What do you guys think ...

Wip Week X

Greetings once again,

It has been some time, but I'll try to keep up with weekly updates. Let's hope I can keep it up :)

Well what have I been up to?  I've been following The independent characters for some time now and I've entered in there Hobby progress challenge.
If there ever was a gaming group/site/... I had to say I was a fan of these guy's would be it :)

Anyhow it got me to painting a new lot of blood angels, and up until now I got 2 5 man units done and 2 characters.  Not all that bad for a few weeks time.

I'm now planning on painting some assault veterans and an apothocary

Well that's it for now.  I'm planning on making more progress in the following week(s)
But for now I'll leave you with one more link for inspiration, it has been for me :)
There will be blood angels [Warseer]


Old Stuff Day 2014

old stuff day is march 2nd; and what do you know that's today.  I know I haven't been blogging for quite some time now, but maybe that can change (I'm not betting on it; but I am trying :) )  Fornow I am doing the best I can to keep involved with the comunity off-line and here and there online; and since I've got some back log on articles I can easily join in on old stuff day; so here we go.

The article I'm submitting for Old stuff day is my candle tutorial, I chose that article 'cus I keep going back to it myself and beceause I get a lot of questions about my candles every time I post a picture of one of my blood angels.  The candles are reacuring theme on almost every base in my ever growing army.



Apparentley due to new pollicy I get my White Dwarf a little later then the stores.  In my case that tends to make a subscribtion a little obsolete as the nearest retailer is almost literally next door.  But that and the fact that I had a working weekend did mean there was no update on the blog this weekend.  So let me make it up to you by doing another tutorial. In the meantime I get to remember how I do this stuff.  For the sake of pictures in this tutorial I didn't make the candles while on the base, but rather on the toothpick.

I’m not great at these thing, nor do I think I’m the great talent at painting or sculpting.  I do however bump on things I think are worth sharing with the rest of you.  One of these things are the candles I include on my Blood Angels.  As the picture shows; it’s all fairly straight forward.

First I use a tooth pick cut it to length.
Next up are the dripping lines.  I do those by just adding green stuff to the sides and making vertical carves with a needle like sculpting tool. Top of the candle is made by pushing a ballpoint tool on the top The drop is made by pushing at the end of the drop
Third part is the flame.  I do this by just rolling a little egg like form and carefully pushing it in place with the needle point (sometimes using a little glue)

I use greenstuff for these kind of things as it gives a better curing effect.  I like using brown stuff, but it gets a more straight finish; Green stuff tends to curve slightly when handled, and candles tend to do the same :o)

Hope it inspired some people.
If you’ve got pointers or experiences; let me know.


Kermit gets some colors

Greetz one and all,

I found some time to slap some paint.  Just not for the words :)

C&c more than welcome

The men get some Royal fans


Just a quick update today
I finished up some spectators for our clubs blood bowl field that I had to share.
Thnx to Raf for the parts.

The men are planning a game

Greetz one and all,

It has again been way to long.
I'm not making any promises of more posts, but I am giving posting stuff a new chance :)

Today my wip blood bowl ostermark team

I've almost converted all I need for a standard human team here are some pictures of linemen so you get the idea :)


Arch angels Wip

Greetz one and all,

I've made some progress with my arch angels the first tactical terminators are done (quite some time ago) and more recently with my lightning claws and librarian.

The librarian was part of millest challenge, with some other great competitors in the challenge.  I personally love the ultra marine by Chris for its conversion, and the 2 old school models for there painting. Go check it out :)



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