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Greetz one and all,

For some time now I’m looking for a way to theme my “on the net posts” I did it once with the Storm Raven
and again today with some alternatives. Why alternatives I hear you saying … Well simple, I read this post by Thor (creative twilight) about a more pragmatic look at the price raise. And if you ask me he’s right. We can blog all we want about how GW increases prises beyond our wallets ability’s and send all kind of mad letters of disappointment but if you want them to listen you need to fight fire with fire.

I know everything is getting more and more expensive, but increasing your prices and tuning the rules so you need more models for the same game (not to talk about Appocalypse or storm of magic is a bit to much. It’s a bit like raising the price of crude oil and only build Hummers.

But I have a lot of stuff in my bitzbox a lot of models begging for some paint so I’m not looking for big expanses. I’m looking for some lose figures for all kind of games. Expanding my focus from GW only to lots of Pulp thingy’s and adventures in the worlds of Warhammer gives me the freedom to look to all the other companies and finally get those cowboy’s done ;o)

Manticgames [Mantic]
If you never heard about these guys be sure to check out there undead, not a fan of the dwarfs and a bin indifferent about the orcks; but I love the zombies.

avatars of war [avatars of war]
They have some awesome characters and way nice Dwarf plastics

Lead adventure [Lead adventure]
some nice humans, but even cooler a lot of different/strange stuff (VSF/ post apoc)

Mannkinstudios [Mannkinstudios]
for the strange but beautiful

puppetswar [puppetswar]
lots of cool stuff; orks with sombrero’s got to love ‘em

I’m sure there is a lot more

In other news today …

You aint seen squat [you ant seen squat]
adaptus custodes [FTW]


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