on the net ... Storm Raven Special

Greetz one and all,

I have been seeing a lot of Storm ravens lately, and altough I would love one my self I don't think I'll be starting one soon.  But it is a joy to see what other people are doing.

Stormraven by Tinners [WIP]

Stormraven by Inquisitor_Pariah [WIP]

Custom built storm raven.. yeah another but different! by Kirasu [dakka]

CRUX Pattern Blood Angels Storm Raven Tutorial by patzgcrux [dakka]

New Stormraven using only one valkyrie!, Best bang for buck by Forteller [B&C]

my storm raven by yaxet [B&C]

stormraven model [barjack's shadowcompany]

blood angels stormraven wip by Rob Bear [BoLS]


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