The Stirland Piper

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sigmar cometGreetings one and all,

It has taken me longer then expected to write my next little article.  Real life is a b*tch, with plans changing and time consumed.  My priority in the hobby world is painting, followed by gaming, and in last instance blogging.  So sorry folks; I don't know if I'll be able to do a weekly post or rather a more irregular interval for now. (probably the later)

But on to the business of the day, my Stirland Piper.  It all started with me deciding to have a hobby night with my friend Koen.  With a little less time and lots to talk about I decided to go for cutting and gluing rather then painting.  So on to the bitz box and the quest for the next cool new project.

I see a lot of people (including my self) converting a fantasy model to a 40k theme, but i rarely see it the other way around.  So we had a theme; converting a 40k model for Mordheim ...  One of the models in my collection was the imperial commissar and with some bits and pieces, form my Empire projects I soon had the start of a piper.

My focus for Mordheim is in "the men of the ostermark" but with a Piper; I could not let the opportunity go to include the pied piper story.  So my new hero had to come form some other then Ostermark, visiting Mordheim to clean it's streets.  Stirlands seemd to be the best place to start my expancion.

To complete the job I made a dramatis personae for the model here

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