Old Stuff Day 2014

old stuff day is march 2nd; and what do you know that's today.  I know I haven't been blogging for quite some time now, but maybe that can change (I'm not betting on it; but I am trying :) )  Fornow I am doing the best I can to keep involved with the comunity off-line and here and there online; and since I've got some back log on articles I can easily join in on old stuff day; so here we go.

The article I'm submitting for Old stuff day is my candle tutorial, I chose that article 'cus I keep going back to it myself and beceause I get a lot of questions about my candles every time I post a picture of one of my blood angels.  The candles are reacuring theme on almost every base in my ever growing army.



Apparentley due to new pollicy I get my White Dwarf a little later then the stores.  In my case that tends to make a subscribtion a little obsolete as the nearest retailer is almost literally next door.  But that and the fact that I had a working weekend did mean there was no update on the blog this weekend.  So let me make it up to you by doing another tutorial. In the meantime I get to remember how I do this stuff.  For the sake of pictures in this tutorial I didn't make the candles while on the base, but rather on the toothpick.

I’m not great at these thing, nor do I think I’m the great talent at painting or sculpting.  I do however bump on things I think are worth sharing with the rest of you.  One of these things are the candles I include on my Blood Angels.  As the picture shows; it’s all fairly straight forward.

First I use a tooth pick cut it to length.
Next up are the dripping lines.  I do those by just adding green stuff to the sides and making vertical carves with a needle like sculpting tool. Top of the candle is made by pushing a ballpoint tool on the top The drop is made by pushing at the end of the drop
Third part is the flame.  I do this by just rolling a little egg like form and carefully pushing it in place with the needle point (sometimes using a little glue)

I use greenstuff for these kind of things as it gives a better curing effect.  I like using brown stuff, but it gets a more straight finish; Green stuff tends to curve slightly when handled, and candles tend to do the same :o)

Hope it inspired some people.
If you’ve got pointers or experiences; let me know.


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