Archangel update 1

Believe it or not, this is post 242, and last Friday I went to a concert of ... Front 242 :)
It was a blast with a great bunch of friends. 

But more to the point, my wife always works with lists to get her work done.  I almost never do lists, I just work on what comes to mind.  But doing it my way in the current jungle of my life isn't working, so the plan is to do a paint and a build week.

This week I'll try to build a tactical terminator unit including a cyclone missile launchers. The captain was done some time ago and had a basic paint job (still need to fix the yellow) All the red dots are mould lines, details to be placed or ...

Also on the list is the terminator for millest challenge or at least his base... Hopefully more details and some results by the end of the week


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