Wip January

Greetings one and all,

In the past month I've been up to a lot of stuff, an nothing all at once.  I've almost finished my Rouge Trader for ItEn, worked some more on my grav car, and started working on my Archangels army.

The Archangels are the Blood Angels first company and my new 40k project.  Don't worry I'm not blowing off my ItEn stuff (although there is a chance I'll be using other rule sets as well).  As a matter of fact I’ve just joined the Ammobunker forum and it’s filled with cool Inq28 stuff, and I’ve created a pinterest account to gather all the cool idea’s I see on the net.  I’ll make a link on the side bar for that later on.

But back to my Archangels; as a lot of you probably did, I bought a box of dark vengeance.  I was planning on painting what was inside, just the way it was supposed to be.  A rather amities goal for me, not that I thought it was to hard to paint, but not converting all those models; now that’s a challenge.  

And it seems I’ve lost that challenge.  Didn’t get the green I wanted to get, in the way I wanted to get it.  So out with the Dark Angels, but what now with the models…  I found someone that could use the tacticals, leaving me with bikes and terminators.  So this year I’ll gather all my terminators and start painting them.  As it turns out I’ve got quite a few more then I would have guessed :o)

Anyway, here are the first results; 2 apothecarys and 4 assault terminators. They’r not done yet, but there is progress :o)


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