A new year comming ...

Happy 2013 to all,

For some reason or another this seemed the best opportunity to look at what became of my last new years resolution ...  Not so great, I didn't get anything done for fantasy this year except this one model!  So no quest updates yet :(. Maybe 2014 :)

I did make a lot of ItEn progress, bolstering a collection of 34 painted models and a bunch of wip. Stuff ;)

My bloodangels didn't grow as much as I would have liked, but they did get some addition, and I'm still working on new models :).  The Dark Angel project, I'm not sure about yet; maybe I'll dump it in the next few weeks.  I love the models but can't get the colors to work for me :(

So on the model count this "year" a not so great -100.  Lets hope next year will bring us some more good news :)

So what are my plans for the new year???

A) More ItEn stuff; it's just to nice and easy to work with.
A+) I'll be doing some narative campaign of some sort

B) Blood Bowl.  I started some Ork Piratez years ago; I'll get them from under the dust rapper there in and start crushing some balls :D

C) still try and get some fantasy flowing, using Mordheim or Quest or what ever.

But stay tuned and find out what I get done :o)


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