Introducing Maximus 348

Greetz one and all,

today I’m introducing one of the models I painted up last month
In this case it's a tech-adapt for my mechanicus cult. one of the models I purchased at Crisis this year, and unlike last year's loot; this is getting painted :o)

The model; The original model is from Urban Mamoth (or a earlier version of the game) I added some scout legs, grenades and shotgun.  And finished off with some purity seals.

the paintjob: The red was done using the new Mephiston red on the old Merchadite red base colour.  The bronze is a very old Dwarf bronze with a Chesnutt ink.  And the white is rakarth flesh and skull white

The rules:  For my rules I used the stats for a Secutor and gave him Hellfire ammo (an old option from 2nd edition en RT; don't know if it still exists) counted 3pts for this (I think :o)

The Story: Maximus is one of the protectors of the Machine Master, He is manufactured M41.893 and has enhanced bionics and some enhanced bio mech customization. 

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