Crisis 2012

Greetz one and all,

It's been à while since my last post, there was nothing realy big to report in the last few weeks.  My hobby time was dominated by the clubs crisis project and our visit to the fair.

There was a lot to see, going from the old known historical mini's up to the new bushido or wolsung mini's.  But for a real review check corvus' miniatures ;) I'll just post some pix :o)

I'm here to talk about what I bought and what my plans are:

First up my ever growing collection of Iten models
I got some stuff from Void; a box of Vasa Militia to go as Rouge Trader crew and other stuff ;o)

And something I forgot the name of to join the ranks of my Mechanicus cult

I also bought me some Elves (and one Bretonian) for my Elven project that will start some day :o)

And the worst buy of the day was Mephiston in Metal.  Not only did the store owner leave me with a ripped off feeling (I bought 2 mini's and didn't see the sign "buy 3 get one free") But I was doubting "do I miss Mephiston or Dante ..." and it turned out to be Dante (That's what you get for a way to big lead mountain :o)

as a closing note I enjoyed Crisis 2012 as I do every year, and I'm looking forward to next year already.

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