Wip blood angel razorback

Greetz one and all, ...

A few years ago I adapted my rhinos so they would fit the Armageddon theme.  Simply slapping on the vindicator top gave the right impression.  It made the Rhino a bit more techy and the ventilation was needed for the deserts of Armageddon ;o)  But now; all this time later I wanted to add a Razorback to my army; and what's even more I'd like to add 2.  And simply gluing one together wasn't going to do the trick.  So I started making my own top addition to get the right feeling.

I want to get the second one done in the same pattern, and even make it a bit better.  I'm thinking of asking my friend Dirk the jeweler to make a 3D scan of this one, edit it to perfection and print it with his 3d printer...  Let's see how that works out in a few months.


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