Introducing Amitiel Commander at arms

Greetz one and all,

Second post in as many weeks not bad for the moment let’s hope I can keep it up ;o)  This week sees the completion of  “Amitiel; commander at arms” my rework of the AoBr commander sicarius.  When finishing him I got this great idea that I should have made an older version of an existing character;   Brother Calistarius before the black rage got to him, or Thyco before he made commander, or …  But all characters present at the second war for Armageddon (ps; anybody any idea where I can find a collection of the fluff for the 2nd War for Armageddon?)

But on to Amitiel.  For the paint job I chose for red armour instead of gold; as this is Amitiel commander at arms; in other words he isn’t an official commander.  I also chose for white as second color in the flag (instead of yellow) for the same reason and brought this down to the whole model.

All in all I am fairly satisfied about the result; there are some points in the paint job and the conversion that I would have liked to see different; but I’m glad I finally got something done ;o)

Last but not least I decided to make cards for my Blood Angels as gaming aids not just to keep me busy; but also to give my units and characters more personality.  You don’t just field an assault squat; but the black wings, not just a commander but Amitiel Commander at arms, …


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