Black Box revelation; Audio Drama; Oath of moment

Greetz one and all,

By the time you read this I'll be laying under the spanish sun somwhere in Catalunia for my well deserved vacation.  So Servesas, and Sangria for all and enjoy your gaming and painting.

What brings me to my next point; I haven't done any Black Box Revelations lateley, although I did buy some  new stuff every once and a while.  Well, lets talk about Audio Drama's in general for a bit.

I bought me the how to paint guide, and thought it might be fun to watch while I paint...  I enjoyed the comments and music; but didn't realy get to looking at how it works, so that was that for the DVD feature.  It also included some Audio Drama outtakes ... So I thought, I might just as well try them out, and it didn't realy disapoint.

So I went down to the LFGS to buy me Oath of Moment and got my paints out that verry evening, to try out painting and listening.  As a kid I always enjoyed listening to story's and found that now, with the lack of a painting buddy to talk to, listening to a story acctually did improve my painting experience.  It's a lot more fun to listen to a story and paint then to listen to music and paint.  And that way I get to "read" some more ;o)

On the other hand 15€ for one hour of listening enjoyment is a bit off in my oppinion.  I get the fact that it's all rather expensive to hire a voice actor, and do some sound effects.  But I hope the duration of the story's increases (but whitout the price :o)

any way, that's what I think about it.


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