introducing Taxanoma

Greetings fellow gamers,

Again an update of my Iten collection.  As I said in a previous post these day’s it’s all about the new use of old models.  Today’s model is no different; although I must admit with the model count on my back now; I seem to be buying some new stuff at a rather high rate ;o)

The model:  The model is made of some left overs from Koen and myself.  Koen traded a confrontation wolfen body with me a few years ago.  I never realy found a use for it, up until I was looking for a chaos counter part for Bubba  Now I need another one of these, ‘cus I’d like to do a khorne version aswell :o)

The painting: I started with a white under coat; I tried paining the other way around.  First the light colours, then the shadows.  It worked somewhat for the cloth, but the green was done using foundation green, then foundation with some bestial brown for the recesses and foundation with some sunburst for the high lights.  I found the colour a little to les nauseating, I was thinking of adding some purple or pink for contrast, but decided against it because I couldn’t see where.

The Game: In game terms this is a Ogryn Berserker with a Demon hide, Terrifying skill a Harlequins Kiss and Bionics.  These last two are counts as; I found the rules to be interesting for what I needed.

The Inquisitors thoughts: Taxanoma is a lesser demon of Nurgle I encounterd during my enquiry’s on the Devlan raids 896 M41. Since I banished him twice.



  1. Looks like you were spotted in your Sunday Best when you published this post. Hope you don't mind me throwing your shout out on my weekly theme top x. Thanks for sharing and for introducing me to In the Emperor's Name.

  2. My pleasure ;-) ItEn is way to cool to keep to tour self :-)
    And thank you for the shout out ;-)


  3. Since moving to the stick and not being able to get games in as much as I want to, I have moved my focus over to modelling. As such, games like ItEn and Operation Killzone appeal to me greatly. They offer me a chance to do some heavy conversion while limiting the overall size of my army. Thus more room for other small retinues.



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