old stuff day 2012

Greetz one and all,
Last year I found this “old stuff day” and I loved it on the spot.  It actually gave me the idea for Way Back Wednesday posts.   
 But back to 2012 old stuff day.  In short I share what I think is a cool old post from my blog and from some other blogs I’m following.  And other people do the same ;o)

First up my own selection for the day.  My blog is going for 2 years now so there is not that much real great posts.  But I guess that besides form last years halflings I really like my candle tutorial.

This blog is pearl in my eye.  I just picked a cool post; but actually it’s worth visiting every once and a while fuck yeah rogue trader

Not that Dave Taylor really needs more post counts but this is one of the best tricks ever; although I still have to try it myself. mark of the dark gods

Another great advice I still need to look at :o)


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