New White Dwarf and new family addition

Greetings one and all,

It’s been a busy time over here at home.  Last Wednesday my wife gave birth to Bas a beautiful baby boy.  And with 4 kids at home and a recovering wife there is not much room for hobby stuff this month.  But boy you should see the smile :o)

My white dwarf report is a bit proforma this month but it gives you some idea of the content.

Devourer of worlds (12 P; 40k/Prod)
painting insights and examples from various Hive fleet

Herald of the great devourer (8 P; 40k/Prod)
Robbin Cruddance gives some more info on the swarmlord

Painting Workshop (6 P; 40k/Hobby)
Tervigon paint tutorial by Steve Bowerman

A company of Wolves( 8 P; 40k/Hobby)
A look at the wolf lords and there great companies

Painting Workshop (6 P; 40k/Hobby)
Thunderwolf cavalry by Steve Bowerman

Standard bearer (2 P; General/Info)
Jervis Johnson's top 10 Q&A from Games Day

Ambush at amon Sûl (5 P; Lotr/tactic)
Scenario at weathertop

Civil War (6 P; Fantasy/tactic)
Part 3 (one left)

Citadel Hall of fame (2 P; General/Hobby)
Joe tomaszewski's choise of the month

Gamesday Golden Demon 2011 (8 P; General/Hobby)
Slayer Sword Gallery

A tale of four gamers (9 P; Lotr/Hobby)
Dom Murray, Nixk Bayton, Simon Grant and Dan Harden start collecting Lotr

Armies on parade 2 P (Fantasy/Hobby)
Christian Byrne's ogre army

That’s this months WD, a lot about the new Space Wolfs and Nids.  And a big bunch of Hobby stuff; always cool :o)


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