Introducing; Aspoxius

Greetings fellow gamers,

My Iten Collection is ever growing with my cards 0.2, me getting a lot of inspiration for new stuff and finding new uses for old models all the time.  Things seem to go well in my gaming closet.  With 4 kids in the house finding time to paint seems a bit rare, but I still get to steal a few hours every once and a while, thanks to my very understanding wife.

The model:  Today’s model is a Chaos Champion classic from the 90’s (I think) don’t know the sculptor.  As a classic I liked I decided not to change anything on it.

The painting: I started with a white undercoat and gave it a few inkt-layers, after which I did the iron, leather, brain and face.  As inkts I used devlan mud and thrakka green.  The metal was done with Tin Bitz, beaten copper and  a mix of devlan mud and badab black.  The brown was scorched brown and a mix with white.  The face was granite and tallaran flesh worked up with tallaran and white and a little wash of devlan mud.

The Game: In game terms I got creative with the gun making it a combination of a 2 handed axe and a big gun.  As big gun I used a Melta gun, a bit stronger then I wanted but the most appropriate I could find.

The Inquisitors thoughts: Aspoxius is one of my great adversaries, as a member of the Death Guard his allegiance lays with Nurgle; the rotting bastard.


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