War of Iron conclusion

Greetz one and all,
This weeks post is the last instalment in the War of Iron series.  Its been way fun to do and the battle was the perfect icing on the cake, and I want to thank my opponents Steven and Yves for there sportsmanship when I had to cut it short because of a sick son and a pregnant wife :o).  Anyhow here is my mission protocol and a few pictures from the battle.

798.M41 assault on Baal; The Battle of Iron, a piece of Blood Angel fluff at the start of the time line.  Baal is assaulted by some Ork Space Hulk and Dante orders all Blood Angels to board the oncoming enemy.  The Ork Warlord Skorcha, after defending his Hulks as far as he could, orders all surviving orks to the drop pods and assault Baal.  With all marine in deep space assault only the Dread’s remain to defend the monastery. 

Misson objective: The Blood Angels objective it to hold there ground for reinforcements to arrive.  The orks can win by getting more scoring units in the deployment zone then there are Blood Angel dreadnoughts

Army composition: The Blood Angels only get to field dreadnoughts and mine fields.  The orks only get to field foot troops and deffkoptas.  

When we played we had 9 Dreadnoughts and 6 (cd-sized) mine  templates and a lot of orks; to be honest we never bothered to count point size etc. the only real restriction we had was all had to be painted up in the appropriate colors.

Deployment: Central on the battle field is the Dreadnought deployment and the orks take the opposite sides on the far left and right.  Select a point in the Blood Angels deployment zone as a secret entry point to the Blood Angel Fortress. 

We used the GW battle field with the big hill as a center piece; added some defense lines to complete the picture. And gave the blood angels the advantage of setting op second.

Game length: the game uses the random game length rules.

Due to circumstances we had to stop at turn 5 (sorry guy’s) But it still was a worthy and fun gaming experience.

pascal (my trusted companion and aid) even marked the pages he needed on his hand ;o)

Now for my next project, I'm thinking of going demon Hunting.


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