introducing: ItEn cards

Greetz one and all,

This week I want to show you how I do my ItEn cards.  For those of you that don’t know it yet, ItEn is a skirmish game based on the 40k background but with a completely different system.  Besides being completely free it also gives a more free feel and way cool possibility’s.   But enough commercial time on to the cards.

I made my card with, also free download (man I should get paid for this) and made 4 layers; picture; lines; guidelines; and tekst. My first draft was a vertical version with a lot less details and a bigger picture.  Although I like the image more.

If you’d like to use my cards simply delete the bleu square and put the picture of you model there, the other information could be written on the card or you  can go as far as editing it in the picture. (I recommend writing it down first until you’re sure about what the model should be/do)
In the meantime I’ve also managed to get a flip side done, and if you don’t feel like photographing your mini’s you could also go for pictures from the net or some drawings perhaps.



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