White Dwarf 385

Greetz one and all,

This month’s white Dwarf report is a bit late due to the holiday festivities; but never the less it’s here.  The new White Dwarf includes some small changes.  You can easily look past them; but I found it interesting to look at.  Most notable is the battle report which if you looked at my stat line seems to be gone, but in fact is incorporated in a grander article.  The real BR fans will be disappointed but I welcome this change it gives us a broader perspective of the battle and what the game (according to myself) should be about.  In short it gives a better narrative and cooler gaming options.  But on to the revieuw.

The lords of undeath,showing the new models (fan,prod,18p)
This actually 3 articles in one; giving you some back ground and looking at some of the new rules and models.

eavy metal,Vampire counts models (fan,hobby,4p)
a look at the VC models past and present.

War in the border princes (fan,tac,15p)
Not just a battle report, this month’s alternative also comes with some fluff and a new scenario to play with.

standard bearer (gen,info,2p)
Jervis talks about why he loses so many games ;o)

Tactica,necrons (40k,tac,8p)
Mat Ward gives some pointers and tips on the Necrons

Painting Workshop; Ghorgon (fan,hobby,6p)
Painting tips for the Ghorgon by Chad Mierzwa.

Civil War (fan,tac,8p)
part one of a Warhammer Expansion

Signed in blood (fan,tac,4p)
Storm of magic pacts with vampire counts

Gamesday Golden Demon 2012 (gen,info,2p)
some info on the event's in Europe

Armies on parade (Lotr,hobby,2p)
Dan Hardens Haradrim

Painting Workshop,Mortis Engine (fan,hobby,8p)
Tips and tricks by Steve Bowerman

Warhammer World (Gen,info,4p)
a look at what this venue has to offer

Citadel Hall of fame (gen,hobby,1p)
Kevin Chin’s nomination


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