Event: Golden Goblin Paint Challenge

Greetz one and all, It has been a while since I posted something and to be honest I don’t think there will be much activity in the coming weeks. I’m taking some off time from my free time activity ;o) But not to worry I’ll be back sometime in January. But to show you all I’m not gone I’ll leave you with the results of the Golden Goblin Painting Challenge.

This year the goblins painted a model from “lead adventure” and it was quite aparant that we where all doing something diferent with the same model (that is actually the point with the challenge) From experience I know not all of us get the model finished in time, but the point is have fun anyway. When I got to painting my version I didn’t really found my way with what I was doing. I was painting it in green and orange, when I was explaining conversion idea’s to Koen. Once Uncle Sam hit me, I couldn’t let him go. So that same night I finished the conversion and a few day’s later I got a painted model on the table.

The pictures [GGPC]

Cheerz Griffit

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