Blood Angels captain Arnovar

Greetz one and all,
Last night I was wondering what to put on my Blog for the weekend, and I couldn’t quite find what to post.  It has been a slow week with some other obligations and some lack of motivation or at least a lack of progress.  So I decided not to post but to get busy on preparing some posts for next week of when ever.  I ended up doing nothing and going to bed early :o)  

But it helped ‘cus when I got up this morning I knew what I could post I could show you my Blood Angle Captain.  I painted the model a few years back (in a speedpaint) when I started my Blood Angels, so it’s not my best paint job ever.  I do however like the look and feel of the model.  At the time I was going for a completely helmeted army with just 1 or 2 characters with helmets of.  I’m still working in the same direction although I’ve got some more models without helmet then I originally intended. 


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