White Dwarf 383

Greetings one and all,

Under normal circumstances I don’t talk about the new releases part of the White Dwarf.  But this month they’ve got a ‘Eavy Metal Materclass book in there.  Something that looks rather nice if you ask me.  It’s just a compilation of White Dwarf articles and some new stuff here and there, but I’d like to add this one to my collection :o)

The great awakening (40k,HOBBY,4p)
Some talk about the fluff of the Necrons; I’m not there greatest fan.  Necrons, Tao and even tyranids are a bit off in the world of 40k for me, kind of like a next generation, new kids on the block feel (although I think nids were already there in the RT days)  This all to say I don’t know much about there fluff, but it seems to be altered here and there.

Building the machines (40k,PRODUCT,6p)
A talk with the creators of the necrons (Dave Thomas, dale stinger and Tom Walton.  And I must say they did a great job with the mini’s if you ask me.  I still won’t be playing them, but they look a lot more styled in to 40k then they used to.

Eavy metal (40k,HOBBY,4p)
Necrons showcase,

The Rulers of War (40k,PRODUCT,4p)
Andy Hall and Ward discuss the new Necrons on the table top,

Attack on Traitors Gate,Battle report (40k,BATTLE,20p)
Mat Ward and Robin Curddace (4000 pts Necrons) vs Andrew Kenrick and Simon Grant (4000pts Ultramarines and Eldar),

Standard Bearer(gen,INFO,2p)
Jervis talks about not getting your way on the field
A good thing Standard Bearer is back, just a small article of 2p but I’m always looking forward to read it.

Skulvane Manse (fan,PRODUCT,6p)
A look at the new Fantasy Empire scenery kit.  I’d like to see some bit pic’s but those where not included.  Other wise a great kit if you ask me.  I still have to get me the graveyard but this is definitely on my Christmas wish list as well :o)

lord of the rings tactica (LOTR,TACTIC,6p)
Infantry training

Citadel Hall of Fame (gen,HOBBY,2p)
Colin Grayson nomination;  I’d like to know how many in the hall of fame are from the hand of Jes Goodwin ;o)

Warhammer Tactica (fan,TACTIC,6p)
Some tactics on Ogre kingdoms; dhu huu

armies on parade (40k,HOBBY,2p)
some nice looking orks by Mark Bedford.

Army workshop,Sisters of Battle (40k,HOBBY,8p)
Tips and triks for painting your sister

 All in all this was an OK issue, way to much Necrons but some interesting stuff aswell.


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