White Dwarf 384

Greetz one and all,
This weekend didn’t just announce my Birthday, it also came with a brand new White Dwarf …  And here I was thinking it would take at least another week.  I didn’t expect anything from this month’s issue, so it can only bring good news :o)

Denizens of the forest depths (Fan,PRODUCT,6p)
A few words on beastmen with a special eye for the new Ghargon kit.  Looks nice by the way.  Has a lot of different options and spare parts.  I think we’ll be seeing this model in a lot of convertions soon.

Bloodied in the badlands (fan,PRODUCT,8p)
Andy Hall talks about the new Warhammer Campaign book, looks nice. I hope it’s a bit like the old Generals Compedium.  It includes some new Siege rules and is based on the new Mighty Empires kit in short I’m really looking forward to reading it at some point in the future.

Unleash the Beast (Fan,TACTIC,4p)
Some info and rules for the Jabberslythe, cygor and ghorgon.  I think it’s way cool that WD includes some rules these day’s it means you don’t have to buy the army book to use a monster you really like.

Warmongers (fan,BATTLE,20p)
4000pts storm of magic scenario orcs and ogres vs daemons and warriors

Blanchitsu (GEN,HOBBY,4p)
Jhon gives the word to Steve Buddle and Julian Baylisu to talk about there painting style
I like the pictures of both, but find the words of Steve a bit more comprehensible then those of Julian, but in all honesty I think it is difficult to explain a complete style on just 1 page.

Liber Appocalyptica (40k,TACTIC,8p)
Data sheets for Grey Knights, sisters and dark Eldar
Again nice to see new rules in the WD, although I’m not planning on using any Apocalypse rules for now.  I love the look of the game, but I’m not really up to it.

slaugher on shrödinger VII,Mat (40k,TACTIC,6p)
Ward talks about a 40k mini campaign Black Templars vs Necrons

eavy Metal (GEN,HOBBY,4p)
Joe Tomaszeweski talks about the 'eavy Metal team
Some very cool pictures, but didn’t find the time to read the actual article.

Modelling Workshop Skullvane Manse (Fan,HOBBY,6p)
I painting tutorial for last month’s scenery kit.  I love this kit, but it’s clear by now I really need to win the lottery :o)

Modeling Workshop Big Monsters (Fan,HOBBY,8p)
Some painting tips on monsters based on the ogre kingdoms Tundertusk

Dragon Hunt (LOTR,BATTLE,6p)
700 pts Dain's oathswond Erebor vs The Dragon's horde of Moria

Painting masters (GEN,HOBBY,6p)
Neil Green shows his models, I love his Tau, generally not a great fan of the race, but this paint scheme looks nice.

Club profile South Woodford Library (GEN,HOBBY,2p)
I like this kind of little article at the back, being form the mainland it doesn’t really give me helpful info, but I dream of reading about our own Golden Goblins one day ;o)

All in all, I liked this WD.  A lot of hobby stuff with a twist of tips and tricks it’s a recipe I always find attractive :o)



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