Black Box Revelation LGS

Greetz one and all,
It was my intention to write up a longbeards talking for this weekend; but to be fair I didn’t really find a topic to rant about.  So I went back to my Hobbydesk and looked at what ells I could use.  So I came up with this black box revelation about  liquid green stuff.

What’s to say about this new miracle power product?  First up I tried some of the Vallejo variant a few years ago, and back then I wasn’t really that satisfied, I didn’t work the way I wanted it, the product was to liquid for the purpose (could be in the mix I’ve got a strange relation with the Vallejo paint pots).  All this just to say my expectations for this product wasn’t so high.

 (I know the picture could be better; still "working" on a better light-studio)

The lGS is packed in a standard GW paint pot.  I would have rather seen it with a little different lid now it looks a lot like my green paint ;o)

The use is rather standard, don’t try to make actual conversions with it, just go for filling gaps.  I gave my model a prime coat first (actually ‘cus I forgot about the gap I had to fill ;o) then just used a standard brush and painted over the gap, left to dry for a couple minutes and gave it a second layer.  You could repeat this process until your gap is filled and end up with filing off the excess green stuff.

I liked the use of this product and am more content with this one the Vallejo variant a few years ago; but I will give that one another try.


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