WIP oktober 26

Greetings one and all,

Today’s work in progress is something I came up with Monday evening.  And like so many times before; just when you are almost done with your current project a new one sneaks in.  I always seem to have this problem.  And all to often it meant the end of the almost finished project and the start of yet another “never to be finished” dream.  This time however I seem to be able to keep track of things; I’ve lost all hope to finishing my gorka morka gang this year (don’t even mention my wild west adventure) But I have high hopes on my war of Iron project and ItEn :o)

But what is this new project???  I’m thinking about a small all sky borne Blood Angel force, and this is the start with some characters.  Not sure if they will actually be in the army list.
So after ”The war of Iron” there will be a “fight in the sky” :o)


Models in waiting
ItEn Nurgle models
Blood Angel Dreads (1 to go)
FitS HQ squat
FitS Assualt squat 1
FitS Assault squat 2
FitS Flyers
Mr Black and Mr Green
Rest of the Gorka Morka Gang (bike, spanner)

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