White Dwarf 382

Greetings one and all,

This weekend brought me the new white dwarf.  The release rules seem to have changed, and me being a subscriber I get the feeling of being cheated.  When I first got in to my subscription you got the issue early, saved from the coverprice and got a lot of usefull exclusives.  Now a days it seems the exclusives have lost there use to me, and I’m getting my issue a few day’s after my FLGS.  But on to the content of issue 182

Death on the ocean waves (FAN,PRODUCT,18p)
Full review of the new game, with pictures for every boat a talk to designers etc

Corpse reef (fan,BATTLE,6p)
Battle report by Phill Kelly and Jervis Jhonson

Tactica Dreadfleet (fan,TACTIC,4p)
Some tactical tips by Phill Kelly

Warpstone hunt (fan,BATTLE,10p)
Second Dreadfleet Battle report by Jervis and Phill

Standard Bearer  (gen,INFO,2p)
Jervis talks about joined efforts in Hobby land

hobby essentials (gen,HOBBY,6p)
A look at the new hobby tools by building a wyvern.

Army Workshop Ogre Kingdoms (fan,HOBBY,6p)
Chris peach’s Ogre’s with a lot of painting tips.

scrolls of binding (fan,TACTIC,4p)
using the huge creatures such as Tundertusk in your Storm of Magic games as bound monsters.

Battle Missions: sisters of Battle (40k,TACTIC,10p)
Some 40k scenario’s fit for Sisters of Battle specific games.

Painting workshop (FAN,HOBBY,18p)
Some painting tips on Dreadfleet models but these are still useful for other models

That’s this months WD, a lot of Dread fleet, bit to much for my taste, but some good content as well, and if you are curious what Dread fleet will bring to your table top, this is a must read.



  1. I cancelled my subscription a few months ago because I was tired of being someone who prepaid and the local shops got theirs first.

  2. I'm looking for a good independent magazine; anyone any idea's?



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