On the net oktober 19

Greetz one and all,

I’ve been doing this on the net for some time now; and I must say it started as a need; the need to communicate cool links with my frinds; all to often we had talks where you talked about that cool thing you saw on the net somewhere but couldn’t remember the link or someone told me about some cool conversion over at some forum, but I was unable to retrieve it. So I did this on the net thing. Now I don’t even know how many people are reading this or even if my friends still stop by to check what I found on the net. It’s not so much a subject at the table any more these day’s. Any how I did find some rather cool things lately.

Siamtigers Log-o-rama [warseer]

Black Templar Space Marine chaplain [FTW]

Weapon smith Borsus [Legion of plastic]

Blanchitsu pays visit in rat hatch [spikyratpack]

Beveled Edge Bases [Secret weapon miniatures]

Games Day UK [GW]

tips for sculpting shoulderpad icons [FTW]

Cheerz Griffit

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