blackbox revelation nurgle lord

Greetz one and all,

My Black Box Revelations are not as frequent as I’d like them to be; but every now and then I get the idea to do a kit review big or small.  This time a went for the new Nurgle lord, not only do I like the overall look of the model, but I also wanted to see what the new individual plastics where all about.

The box:

Simple plastic blister with paper display and parts picture

The model:
Only one way to assemble with the parts at hand

The assembling go’s very quick and easy and as said before the bits at hand just give you the one option.

I tried to get close to the original with my own personal touch here and there (read I started with the picture next to me, but forgot all about it after the first layer :o) I did decide to go for painting all the way and no dipping what so ever.

I like this kit; it has very nice detailing (only the skulls on the side have some sloppy leather work that seems incomplete at the side and bottom)The overall look of the model is great as it is.  I like the structured bases, although I won’t be using it for my second (40k) version.  I don’t get why this exists in the normal (not FW) GW line next to Finecast.  I thing this is a lot better, but that could be just me.

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