longbeards talking: stop competing

Greetz one and all,
This weeks Longbeards is about more then just gaming you could say it’s about a way of life but then you are taking it way to serious.  I would like to look at how we are playing games or look at each others work.  

I’ve got a bachelor degree in social study’s so I tend to look at the world through an educational (I lack a better word) point of view.  And what I see is that a lot of us are competing against each other, on and off the battle table.  Discussing rules, talking about painting techniques or even fluff.  And on a lot of these occasions I see people that are trying to prove there right and you’re wrong.

There is a theory (by Pat Patvoort) that calls this the Pp communication (we she actually calls it Mm but that’s in dutch :o)  P being Powerfull en p being powerless, and in the struggle of communication it is the mission to be the big P and out smart the small p, in some instances by what ever means possible.  In the equality model Patvoort talks about leaving the argument behind and talking about the basses of the problem, the what’s and the why’s preferably in a I or me message.

Those of you that haven’t yet left the building are probably wondering what the f*ck has this got to do with wargaming ?  Easy instead of dishing a guy ‘cus he painted his ultramarines in a cammo scheme, take a look at it.  Talk about cammo scheme’s and mention the fact that you would have never thought of painting you marines in that way.   Instead of arguing if the rule is treated correctly talk about how you feel the situation should be handled and why, instead of looking past one another and staring at the rule books.  

I know thing are not so black and white, and the biggest lesson in wargaming is putting things in perspective, after all it’s just our hobby and it’s just a game.   You won’t eat less ‘cus you lost the battle, painting competition, or what ever.



  1. Do you find that this sort of behavior is more prevalent in an annonymous forum- the internet for instance; or do you see such behavior in equal measure when people interact in person?

  2. In person ppl tend to be more polight. But it is a problem in general, even more so outside of the gaming world. When we interact we ussually are preoccupied with our own agenda, and don t stop to think about what the other is saying.

    but indeed forums are more troubled with this issue, although ppl have more time to read and react it does seem that the annonimity issue gets the best of us.

    Excuse the spelling Im posting with my phone, no spellings corrector.




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