wip september 28

Greetings one and all,

I’m still working on a lot of projects and can’t seem to get one done completely.  I’ve got 6 dreads done and 3 in the WIP line (I know last time it was only 2 but I added a dread to the line ;o) My western gang is looking forward to mr Green ( I did get Uncle Sam done; but giving the first post to the Goblins) And although I’m still playing Gorkamorka, but my painting has come to a stand still unfortunately.

The model I’m presenting today is for my Black Box revelation post for the short future.  I love this model for it’s style; there was a similar one in metal a few years ago; I converted that one to hold a heavy bolter.  Maybe I should paint that one next :o)


Models in waiting
Basing ItEn models
Blood Angel Dreads (3 to go)
Mr Black and Mr Green
Rest of the Gorka Morka Gang (bike, spanner)

Wish list
Cowboy’s White, Grey and Red
40k; ItEn stuff

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