White Dwarf 381

Greetings one and all,

Its ben a busy week as always, last night was my bachelor party so that means there aren’t a lot of wargames going on at the moment.  On the others hand I did receive my White Dwarf on Monday… one of the best parts for me is the teaser at the back; I still haven’t figured out  what the mystery box will be this time; have you?

Guts and glory, [fan,PRODUCT,10]

Andy Hall takes a looks at the new Ogre Kingdoms book with designers and sculptors

,Arena of Death [fan,PRODUCT,2]
A new take on promoting new models; the new nurgle lord and saurus oldblood in single combat who is toughest.  Nice try; a lot better then just a ton of pictures of the same model; or just a commercial page; and it might speak to the gamers; but being a painter I think it missed his target for me.

Lord of the rings tactica, monsters [LOTR,TACTIC,6p]

The court of the archon [40k,PRODUCT,2]
A look the options for the Dark Eldar, again a nice try to camouflage commercial stuff, but not a success for me; didn’t appeal in any way.

Blood Bath at the bubbling pits [fan,BATTLE,20]
Robbin Curddance Tombkings vs Jeremy Vetock ogre kingdoms 3000 pts in the bubbling pits scenario
Nice looking scenario with great use of scenery and objectives.

eavy metal,ogre kingdoms [FAN,HOBBY,4]
As always nice looking models with a killer paint job.  To bad they don’t really explain how it is done.

Warhammer terrain showcase,Tortured earth [fan,HOBBY,6]
A look at some Som Fulcrums, some nice idea’s here and there but I’m not the greatest fan of SoM

Battlefield Challenges,The Garden of Morr [fan,TACTIC,2]
Now this is some interesting stuff, I loved this idea from the beginning.

Warhammer Army Workshop, Return of the legion of despair [fan,HOBBY,6]
Chad Mierzwa’s vampire count army with some painting tips for the terrorgheist and cairn wraith

Sisters of Battle Army list [40k,TACTIC,10]

Faith vs instinct [40k,BATTLE,8]
robin cruddance sisters of battle vs Tom hutchings Tyranids in a 1500 dawn of war scenario

Gamesday 2011 [gen,INFO,2]
Rik turnes talks about the latest news on GD 2011

I missed standard bearer this month although I must say Jervis could probably use a little time of.  Last few SB where missing a bit of punch.  I don’t really dig the new way of commercial stuff like the archons court or the arena of death.  A bit to obvious, and they saccrifieced some actual articles for it.  If including these things would have meant more articles it would have been a supper great idea.  The mystery box does keep me busy though :o)


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