Introducing; Inquisitor lord Videl Marcos del Burgos

Greetings fellow gamers,

The last few weeks have been way to busy with the wedding, the club adding a new project in (with a real tight deadline) and work swelling up.  Luckily I’ve got a case full of models; which I can recycle every once and a while.  I’ve actually got quite a few ItEn models lined up for the next few month’s :o)

 The model: Again I come with a model from a few years ago.  This model was originally done for one of the Goblin Paint challenges, and was the start of my (never to get finished) Inquisitor army.  I’m still satisfied with the paint job, should do a re-basing to get it tied in, and hope I’ll get to that
The painting: paint job from a few years ago, the only specific I remember is that I used bronzed flesh as a base for the white :o)
The Game: These will use him as an Inquisitor (dhu hu) for In the Emperors name.  I’m working on cards for that, hope to include them next month.
The Inquisitors thoughts: Although I don’t like working with the Ordo Hereticus Lord Marcos has become a personal friend and ally.  Lord Marcos was working a witch cult on Burgos, a small Hive world in the vicinity of Dolumar, when we met up.  I was looking for the two Demon sisters Helegra and Urfran, who as it turned out where behind the Dolumar Cult as well.  Together we cleansed the universe from there influence.


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