WIP 24/08/2011

Greetz one and all,

I didn't get that much painting done the last few weeks.  I managed to get some small stuff done in small steps and I even managed to paint one more dread.  For the remainder I just got some bases done for those dreads.  Still need to fix a date for the battle with Steven.  I hope to get that done, I wouldn't want all this effort to go to waste.  Trust me my I don't need 8 dreads for my army (that's right, I found one more at the bottom of my closet :o)

For the bases I'm going for the usual; some candles and skulls on a desert base.  I added some cork to get more dimension and depth in the base.  But as you can see. I've only made it half way up until now; hope to get the deal done soon.  First up is the paint challenge model for the Goblins witch is due by 17th of September; I get married the 10th so that will be exiting ;o)


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  1. and another one bites the dust http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6190/6080549000_a2a32d9a2f.jpg



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