White Dwarf 380

Greetings one and all,

This week brings the new white dwarf with a promising cover all about new rules and army lists. The last thing I need right now; a new army. A lot of cool new models in the new release section lice the wraith and the banshee, and a way way cool cementry. One thing I don’t get though is the fine cast miniatures while they also release 1 model plastic kits with no real modification possibility’s included. But on to the articles …

The dead and the damned; [Fantasy; Product; 10p]
New rules for the new undead creatures, I’m not a rule expert so I won’t say if they’re tuff or not. But I think al things undead are hard to hit :o) Nice models tough.

Death's own Garden [Fantasy; Product; 6p]
Now this is 100% my cup of tea, if any of you out there are wondering what to buy me for Christmas, 5 of these please :o) Iove this model, lots of cool options build as is; or include in some high gothic 40k stuff. And to help persuade myself WD included some rules in the article, nothing much a D6 table explaining how the graveyard acts on the battle field.

At the walls of mousillon [Fantasy; Product; 2p]
Another thing I don’t get, a big picture from a battle report with some text to explain what is happening. A waste of pages and ink for me. But I guess it helps the younger players to see the story in a battle; or something like that.

Cavalry [LOTR; Tactica; 6p]
Tactical tips for using cavalry in Lotr games.

Sorcerous pact [Fantasy; Tactica; 8p]
Some army list examples for odd alliances, again I don’t really get it. I like when there is a story behind an army, and alliances can help. But allying tomb kings and goblins???

An infernal alliance [Fantasy; Battle; 22p]
Vampire counts (mark laham) vs The Empire (Andy Hall) 3000 (+750 SoM)
Again an odd alliance with Empire teaming up with some Chaos (I liked the Bretonian Vampire mix, form a few pages a go, better)

Standard Bearer [General; Info; 2p]
Jervis go's matra once more this time "avoid disassociated game mechanics" about what go’s first the fluff and the model or the rules.

‘eavy Metal [Fantasy; Hobby; 4p]
Monsters showcase

Citadel Hall of Fame [General; Hobby; 2p]
Trish Carden gives her favorite Citadel model

Moddeling Workshop [Fantasy; Hobby; 8p]
Duncan Rhodes shows how to assemble and paint the new Dark Elf Black Dragon.

Sisters of Battle [40k; Tactic; 14p]
First of a two part WD codex for the adaptus sororitas

; Gamesday 2011 [General; Info; 2p]
The design Studio at Gamesday

That’s this months WD, a fun read, although there are some strange moves in there such as the odd alliances and the battle snapshot.


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