Wayback Wednesday; gw's Harry Potter

Greetz one and all,

In a few day’s time “the Golden Goblins” are holding there first annual barbeque with bitsswap, so I’m holding a Bitzkrieg, sorting out all my bits and throwing out what I think I won’t use in the near future.  I’ve actually found a lot of interesting stuff including some old classics (of which I already traded a lot ;o).

But amongst all these there was this Harry Potter Wizard from GW from way way back (if I’m not mistaken he was in one of those first talisman expancions)  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this model ; keep it or ditch it.  So if you have any advice :op

I like this model because it has a nice feel to it; the paint job is a bit off and old school, lots of stuff I would do different now; but not planning to re-do him soon (in my current planning :o)
don't know who sculpted him or in what year, I'll dig in the archives one of these day's and maybe update ;o) (found it ... upper right corner)


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