On the net august 17

Greetz one and all,

I was working to get this on the net post more themed; but can't really seem to work it out. As a result I'm just posting what I found interesting in the past few weeks. As you can see I changed the layout of my blog. Most of the "on the net" stuff comes form the blogs I follow (see far right). But stop the rambling and on to the interesting stuff.

basing basics [handcannon online]
skaven war litter [the madhouse workshop]
assault cannon razorback [spikeybits]
nurgle saucerer [realm of lead addiction]
How to paint grey knighs purifier [the painigshopwold]
Grot raidercrusader [spikeybits]
White Dwarf revieuw [stahyspaintstation]
Sam Greens Death guard [GW]


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