Long beards going to the market

Greeting one and all,

This week the goblins held there first annual barbecue with bitz trade.  I did some rather nice deals and came home with a lot less kislevites, goblins and undead a few more Tau and Dwarfs.  But don’t be afraid; the tau are simply for skirmish game purposes. As you probably already know I’m trying to clear out the closet when it comes down to my lead mountain of doom.  I’m trying to keep everything in the boundaries of a few simple projects.  As army’s I’m only keeping my Blood Angels and Dwarfs (all other stuff is leaving the building) and as side projects I’m going for Skirmish things such as ItEn or Quest/mordheim (and the wild west thing ofcourse).

By trading my stuff around I try to keep on the path of right justness.  Trade around for stuff that keep to limits I’ve set for myself. At the barbecue this weekend I traded some stuff I had left from the empire army I was going to build for stuff for ItEn.  In the old day’s I would have started a skaven army cuss there where plenty of those on the market :o)

I recommend trading your stuff, it gives you the trill of negotiating.  Although I suck at at that big time.  I never know what to ask for a model.  The tip I can give you on that department (not that I’m applying it all that much) is do your home work.  What do you want (as in models) or; what do you thing a model is worth.  For instance; one of the deals I made where 18 kislevites for a box of kroot and a piranha a solid deal in my opinion I wanted the kroot for bitz and the Piranha for ItEn.
I figured the Kislevites where worth 2 “coins” each, which brought me up to 36 “coins”.  The kroot had a value for me of 20 and the piranha of 15 making 35, so as good as an equal bar, and a good deal for me.  Now I know that when you start putting actual prices on the stuff I might come out as the lesser party, but I’m not trading to get rich.  I’m trying to make (and or keep) friends and have a nice time trading and gaming.


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