Blood Angel War of Iron minefields

Greets one and all,

A few weeks ago I wanted to paint the special characters of my Blood Angels, I know I have them locked up somewhere in the gaming closet, I just couldn’t find them a few weeks ago…  I don’t know if any of you ever experienced something similar, but it got me quite frustrated.  I took me some time before I found a new goal…  798.M41 assault on Baal; The Battle of Iron, a piece of Blood Angel fluff at the start of the time line.  Baal is assaulted by some Ork Space Hulk and Dante orders all Blood Angels to board the oncoming enemy.  The Ork Warlord Skorcha, after defending his Hulks as far as he could, orders all surviving orks to the drop pods and assault Baal.  With all marine in deep space assault only the Dread’s remain to defend the monastery. 

Steven, the biggest Waagh player in the club, happily picked up the glove and we started looking for interesting rules to play this scenario.  We came up with for the Blood Angels as many dreads as we can assemble (all fully painted in BA colours) and some mine fields.

What brings me to this post.  (I’ve started painting my Dreads (8 in total) but check the flicker account for pix)  Mine fields, I know not really exclusive for my Blood Angels but hey who cares any way :o)

I made these mine fields using old CD’s and the mine’s from GW’s city fight basing kit (I think)  But I think there are a lot of different possibility’s out there to try.
After gluing on the mine fields I then added the sand.  Big problem with the glue as PVA doesn’t stick to CD’s I had to use super glue; use a ventilated area if you are planning to make you own version (I had mad dreams about orks eating dune sand for the remainder of the week.

I painted these using a sand color undercoat (by army painter) and high lighting with dheneb stone.  Did the stone parts Dheneb stone with successive high lights with skull white.  End up with some light brown static grass and some field matts I have laying around.

I’m satisfied with the result and am looking forward to the battle with Steven, although I must admit the painting off all the dreads is a bit of a pain in the lower back side.



  1. Came across your site from warflakes punt, nice blood angels stuff! I also play them with my own created chapter.

    Will add you to my blog exchange and vice verse?

  2. nice site you've got. Like the color scheme (reminds me of the scythes)

    btw added the blog to the roll.




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