Wayback Wednesday; Black Templar chaplain

Greetz one and all,

I’ve been off-line for a couple of weeks, sorting out some things in real life and taking some vacation with the family.  It gave me time to prepare some articles and maybe ensure a swifter post count for the future.  I planned some time clean up my gaming closet but didn’t find the time to fully get the job done, more luck later this month.

As I said before I found this model while cleaning out my closet.  It’s one of those models I made just for the experience of converting and trying out some new things.  The model was done way back when the Terminators where first released.  I was pretty satisfied with the result, but fear I’ll have to get rid of him anyway as he doesn’t fit in my Blood Angel collection, I could re-do some iconography but that won’t be enough I fear.

I was satisfied with the helmet but is also one of the more controversial parts of the model.  A lot of people found it looked to much of a doglike helmet.  The second great experience in converting this model was the heft of the crozius Arcanum.  I did this by rolling the end of my Exacto knife over a piece of green stuff and then rapping this around the metal of the heft, cutting away the excess piece of green stuff and turning it so the cutline isn’t to obvious. (I perfected the technique since then)

Over all I find this a nice model in my collection but as I said before regretfully it doesn’t quite fit the theme of my current collection so it’ll have to go.


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