on the net july 27

Greetz one and all,

After the big promises from last time; I now leave this behind me (for the time being) as I didn’t really find a lot of stuff that really captured my eye except for these posts. Not that there wasn’t any really cool content out there. I just didn’t get that carried away. Anyway here are some links I saw in the past few weeks.

Hitech miniatures [Hitech]
Some interesting models over there for those who haven’t seen it. Bit like the scibor marines.

Conversion contest [MWC]

I was planning on entering, but totally forgot after I couldn’t find a few bits and started thinking about the War of Iron With Steven (but more on this later)

Heroes of Armageddon [HoA]
The results are in …

In the emperors name [The Gemes Shed]
Looks like we have our skirmish rules for small 40k games ;o)



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