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Greetz one and all,
As a long beard I like to look around, see what ells is on the bloc.  There are some very cool idea’s floating around in my head, not to mention with my friends or the Internet.  Stuff like Victorian steam punk or long lost wars in the 40k universe with chapters like the space sharks, or …  But learning all those new rule sets or inventing new ones for non-existing army’s etc, it’s just not for me I’m afraid.

Last week when posting “on the net” I got to wandering about the big difference between all the different styles of “count as army’s”.  I find there are 2 different way’s to go about it.  You’ve got those who just copy a dex and use other mini’s, and there are those who feel a codex is better fitting for a certain purpose.  For instance me using my Blood Angels as a Grey Knight army saves me a lot of money (not buying a new army) but is not what we are looking for here.  A Fifth company (Deamon Banes) on there quest to haunt Ka’Bandha; gets us a bit closer.  Using Black Templar rules for a Scythes of the Emperor army is (for me) right on target.  But it could go further then that, like me using Mordheim rules for Weird West Adventures.  I would like to call this "technique" Re-furnatureing.  There are loads of other possibility's once you start thinking about it.  Nice way's to go about putting together your collection and including the new cool army anyway or recycling the old over and over again.  Just have fun is my advice.


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