White Dwarf 379

Greetings one and all,

As usual a buzzy week with a lot of work.  I’ll be glad when my vacation time starts in a few day’s.  I hope to find some more time to paint and do some conversion work; it’s been a long time since I did.  But in between work shifts and taking care of the house hold chores I did find some time to read my White Dwarf and make the following report.  A bit more short styled then otherwise but the essentials are in there.

Storm of Magic (Fantasy; Product; 10p)
Simon Grant looks at the new Fantasy expansion

Here be monsters (Fantasy; Product; 12p)
Andy Hall takes a look at new monsters

Monsters for hire (Fantasy; Tactic; 6p)
Simon Grant looks at some SoM army list including monsters

A storm in the north (Fantasy; Battle report; 24p)
SoM Battle report Andrew Kenrick (chaos) vs Matt Hutson (Dark Elf) 3750 pts.

Standard Bearer (General; Info; 2p)
Jervis talk about the evolution in casting models

Army Workshop Dark Eldar (40k; Hobby; 8p)
Duncan Rhodes gives some pointers and tips on his DE army

Cities of death (40k; Tactic; 8p)
New Stratagems and scenario's for Cities of death

Modelling workshop Cities of death (40k; Hobby; 6p)
Painting workshop for Cities of death buildings

Battle report the tyrant and the wolf (40k; Battle report; 8p)
CoD battle report Phill Kelly (space wolfs) vs Adam Troke (chaos) 1500 pts

Gamesday 2010 (GEN; INFO; 2p)
Rik turners takes a look what will be on show for Black Library and Forge World

Last month I campaigned about to much publicity, this month is not that different; the subject might be a bit more my cup of tea but that’s all that has changed. I must admit I like the idea of SoM, it does seem a real new old way of playing (bound monster where in fashion a few years ago you know) What I really dislike is the use of color and the new stranger design of scenery.  It all seems a bit more own style but a little less my world of Warhammer.  We are moving farther and farther away from the generic fantasy but I’m not so sure if I like the bright colors of SoM or the floating scenery for that matter.  Wait and see is the message I guess, this could be cool.  And I might just give it a shot, maybe even just to jump start my dwarfs once more.


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