Wayback Wednesday

Greetz one and all,

today's wayback isn't from that long ago.  It's the pilot from the Battle for Macrage (the 40k box before this one) Along with the way cool scenery I really loved this little plastic dude.  You can't really incorporate him in any army.  You could make a count as for Imperial guard or Inquisition.  But as he is, a pilot from a crashed Aquila Lander ...  And that is exactly why I love this model and he deserves to be in my wayback coolness list (or something like that :)

I remember opening the box, and instantly looking at the possibility's of this model, I fear I have several incarnations still roaming around somewhere in my bitz box.  And I'm sure I'll include him in other projects as well.

I've painted him some weeks ago but never got around to basing him (should he be in my Blood Angel force or in my Inquisitor munda, ...)  But I made the decision, got it over with and included him in my blood angel force as some kind of objective or another.  We'll see :)




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